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I don’t get why people are offended when you say that you watch for Sterek. It’s a campy teenager show on MTV, do you think I’m watching for the engaging thought provoking plot? I’m a fucking 23 year old dude, why would I be watching MTV beyond wanting to see two attractive non stereotypical guys become something interesting (hence why I left canon for fanon)



Hard life of a shipper…

deciding to start watching a new tv show


seeing your otp for the first time


enjoying their scenes


waiting for your ship to become canon… patiently


losing your patience




starting a new show because tumblr made you fell in love with a ship


realizing the ship isn’t canon


others hating on your crackships


being really mean


your otp don’t interact for a long time


then they do


but they’d better not…


so you’re constantly either




basically all the time



I love video games. I love video games a lot.

I am terrible at video games.

Anonymous asked
do you think we're dying out as a sterek fandom or maybe we're just in a really fucking huge slump?


Dying out? Nah. We’re more in a big slump, for obvious reasons. 

Having one scene out of 12 episodes in the whole of 3B, having people from all sides basically tell us Sterek isn’t going to ever be canon, over and over again, and drive home that fact when, HEY WE GET IT ALREADY, and people involved TW finally starting to be truthful, and that means saying “Sterek isn’t going to ever happen” and so others are taking that as an excuse to hate on it and its shippers even more, and so basically Sterek and it’s shippers have been getting shat on so much lately that it is getting tiring and annoying, and people are feeling that. 

So yeah, pretty big slump, because there’s only so much people can get thrown at them before they start to feel tired of it. 

But dying out? No. Because even if people are feeling tired and annoyed, that hasn’t stopped them from shipping Sterek. Nothing and no one can stop people from shipping Sterek, no matter how much some people might try.

Because we still have our love of Sterek, and I still see so many people writing fanfiction for them, making fanart, making gifsets, edits, doing projects, like the Sterek Campaign, and people making posts about Sterek, about their headcanons of Sterek, and what they want for Sterek, and what they love about it. That won’t stop anytime soon.

Even people who have left the TW fandom, who have stopped watching the show, still reblog Sterek, post about Sterek, write about Sterek. There are people who are done with the show, but not even close to done with Sterek, will never be done with Sterek.

There’s an eternalsterek tag, there are still so many people talking about it and not letting it die down, no matter how many people try to get it to. 

As long as we love Sterek, and still feel the desire to make and write things and talk about them, it won’t die out. Sterek is still pretty big, I feel, and some people might be feeling discouraged because of all the wank directed at Sterek and the Sterek fandom lately, but that doesn’t mean they’ve stopped loving it. 

I know I haven’t in the least. Sterek 5ever and always, mhmm. <333


TEEN WOLF AU: Hellhound!Derek and human!Stiles

When Stiles is twelve his father dies during an armed robbery, so the boy decides to make a deal with a crossroad demon to bring him back. Ten years later the demon sends a hellhound to take him into hell but things don’t go exactly as planned. Somehow in the middle of this situation, the hellhound fell for the human and he can’t just let him go to hell.